Celebrating Our Finest Leaders: Top Five Presidential Libraries

presidential library highway sign

Presidential libraries are quintessentially and patriotically American. Located across the United States, these libraries are nothing like your local neighborhood library. In fact, the 15 Presidential libraries are a combination of national history, the personal history of the leaders of the land, and a record of the times in which the leaders served. Continue reading

Best American History Museums for the Whole Family

US flag national musem of american history entrance

Memorial Day may have passed, but it is always a good time to catch up on American history. Fully stocked with original artifacts, museums that focus on U.S. history also provide unique hands-on experiences that truly immerse you in historical events. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the seven best American history museums for the whole family to help you decide where to visit this summer. Continue reading

State Flag of Utah – Legacy of the Beehive State

Flag of Utah state of the United States

The state of Utah conjures up quite a few images in the minds of most Americans: Salt Lake City and its beautiful sights, stunning National Parks and strong professional sports. Only a true native Utahan would cite the state’s nickname — the Beehive State. The beehive is more symbolic than literal, but it’s an example of the pride the residents of Utah have in their state and its symbols, like the state flag. Continue reading

Patriotic Decorations for Independence Day

Independence Day is the epitome of summer celebration in America. For the majority of the American population, July Fourth invoke visions of red, white and blue, stars and stripes, cookouts and fireworks. These are quintessential holiday trimmings that make the feel like the celebration of America that it is. Continue reading