Made in the USA: 50 Products from 50 States


With more and more manufacturers moving production overseas, it’s more important than ever to support local economies by buying American made products. Take a look at the list below and find new companies to support in your effort to keep jobs in America.



If you know someone from the South, you know how they feel about home, sweet tea, and all things southern. The South Candle company has created a candle line to make any Southerner comforted when away from home, with scents like Antebellum, Gunpowder, and Sweet Tea. Made in Birmingham, Alabama, these candles are 100% soy and come with a burlap ribbon and cotton boll—truly an all-American product.



The Last Frontier is known for moose, the aurora borealis, and icebergs, but that isn’t all this state offers. There is a great company called Denali Dreams that began with two founders, Barb and Janie, who successfully ran the business for 18 years before handing it to Caitlin, who was born and raised in Alaska. The handcrafted soaps and balms are made right in Anchorage and always have a piece of Alaska in each item. You can order online or visit the shop if you are ever in downtown Anchorage.




Looking for the perfect piece of art to decorate your home? Practical Art is an Arizona-based company showcasing work from over 100 artisans. You can find everything from housewares to clothing, soaps to office furniture at Practical Art. Using raw and recycled materials, these Arizona artists create the most exquisite items.



Perhaps when you think of the south, you think of barbecue. If that’s the case, you have to try Chipotle Joe’s Dipping and Grilling sauces. It all began when Bobby Whitfield was hosting a barbecue and didn’t want to serve store bought. Everyone loved his homemade sauces so much, he decided to bottle and sell them. The ingredients are all natural, and nothing you can’t pronounce is put in them. It is a product every American can stand by.




There are so many great products that come out of California, such as fine wines, delicious olive oils, all things surfing and beach related … the list goes on. But what about an exquisite jewelry line? Love Heals Jewelry is a small operation in Ojai, and the craftsmanship is incredible. A family-run operation, Love Heals pieces encapsulate all the Bohemian spirit of the area, as well as the gypsy heart of the founders, Adriana Goddard and her son Gunnar Lovelace. For every piece purchased, ten trees are planted. This is an excellent company for America and the environment.



For the state that has the most microbreweries per capita, it is no surprise that New Belgian Brewing is made right in Fort Collins, Colorado. Inspired by a fat tire bike trip across Europe, Jeff Lebesch came home with a head full of ideas and recipes. In 1991, New Belgian Brewing Company was started. They have grown so much over the last 25 years, they have started a partnership with Ben and Jerry’s to help “Protect Our Winters” which helps fight climate change. Try the Cookie Dough Ale by using their Beer Finder on their website.




Opening in 1957, Alton Beaudoin began Beaudoin’s Rope Locker out of his Old Mystic, Connecticut home. His grandson Matt took on the business in 1996, and he took it to the next level in 2008 by launching the online operation and giving it a new name, Mystic Knots. You can find all kinds of nautical knots for your home or to wear. They are perfect for cottages and ocean-themed decor.



Beginning as a hobby, Krista Scudlark began making jams and jellies twenty-five years ago, beginning with a hot green pepper jelly she once tried at a friend’s house. Since then, she has grown her business into over 85 flavors, including 14 award winners. Her jam was even served at the governor’s breakfast. You can purchase the jams and jellies by going to local markets or calling them up on the phone. They are happy to ship anywhere in the world.




The Sunshine State is known for many things, from oranges to Disney. There are so many great products based in Florida, it is difficult to choose just one. Engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis invented insulated cups that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold back in 1946. That spawned their company Tervis (a combination of their last names) and, in the 1960s, they moved their manufacturing business to Florida. This third-generation family-owned business employs over 900 people and has thousands of products available.



High-quality American-made towels can be found in Georgia from a company called 1888 Mills. They have been in business since … well … 1888. This is the heart of American manufacturing, where a company employs and supports the community. 1888 Mills represents the true spirit of America.



uhonua-o-honaunau-national-historical-park-big-island-hawaiiIsland Slipper is the oldest manufacturer of “made in Hawaii” footwear. In business for over 60 years, Island Slipper (the local term for sandals or flip-flops) has stayed true to the tradition of their hand-made quality product. Many of the employees have been at the factory for 20 years or more.

Island Slipper kicked off in the early 1940s when Takizo and Misao Motonaga opened their factory in Honolulu with five employees. Island slipper remained in the family until the Motonaga family offered it to John Carpenter in 1985. When Carpenter took over, there were five sandal factories still producing in Hawaii.

Today, Island Slipper is the last of the original factories to make 100% of their product in the Islands. Following a line from ancient Hawaiian ti leaf sandals, Japanese zoris, and abundant rubber slippers, Island Slipper continues a tradition of authenticity and innovation.



Founded in Eagle, Idaho in 2010 by three brothers making wood sunglass frames in their garage, Proof Eyewear is now on the global scene with their excellent products. The Proof brothers declined an offer they received on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in 2013, but that hasn’t stopped Proof from becoming an internationally-known brand carried by hundreds of retailers across the USA, as well as countries on every inhabited continent.

Proof is still mainly known for its handcrafted, eyeglass frames, but the product line has expanded to include apparel and accessories. Along with its environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, Proof is a socially responsible company donating a portion of profits to an eye clinic in India.



Looking for handcrafted wood furniture made in the USA? Check out Urban Wood Goods, and you will not only be buying great pieces of furniture, but you will be supporting a green manufacturing business. Based in Gurnee, the company reuses old growth lumber from homes & buildings to create wood furniture for your living space, office, or business. “Old growth” lumber refers to wood harvested in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This wood offers a distinctive story of its own and is harder, stronger, and of a higher quality than standard lumber.




The Hoosier Bat Company of Valparaiso is a well-known manufacturer of baseball and softball bats, but they also create home decor pieces and jewelry incorporating a baseball or softball theme. The home plate wall clock or a bracelet made from the seam of an actual baseball make great holiday gifts.

Many current and former major league players have used Hoosier Bat Company bats, like Frank Thomas, Magglio Ordonez, Harold Baines, and dozens more. You can order baseball or softball bats online from their site, and so much more. The designs are really clever, and they make for great conversation pieces.



One hundred percent American made … kitchen knives! Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has manufactured knives from raw materials found right here in the U.S. and manufactured in Waverly, Iowa. Rada Cutlery has earned the reputation of being remarkable. The employees live the mission of “providing customers the best value of kitchen knives for their dollar.”


Rada Mfg. Co. is able to continue their Made in the USA manufacturing because their committed employees strive each day to ensure efficiency and eliminate waste. This is done at every stage manufacturing, packaging, order processing, and shipping. Fundraising groups of all varieties (churches, schools, civic clubs, teams, and youth groups) have always been the largest seller of Rada Cutlery, with over 19,000 groups selling last year.



Prairie Lavender Farm is located in the small village of Bennington. Just north of Salina, this small lavender farm grows a dozen varieties of this beautiful plant and uses it to produce handmade specialty products offering a large array of health benefits. Lavender, part of the mint family, is a hearty plant which grows readily in the Great Plains states.

Best known for its unique, pleasant floral scent, the plant is frequently used in bath and body products, cooking, and even as a natural antiseptic. It was once even used to treat soldier’s wounds when other drugs were unavailable. Today, in central Kansas, it’s used to produce soothing lotions, floral spray, body scrubs, honey, soap, and more. Visit Prairie Lavender Farm’s online store and find the perfect lavender gift for any occasion.



farmer-is-working-on-the-organic-farm-with-dairy-cows-and-holding-big-milk-container-potThe Lexington Farmers Market is a great source of locally grown and fresh products if you live in The Bluegrass State, at which you will also find Boone Creek Creamery. The market is held seasonally on Saturdays and Sundays and has turned into a gathering place for merchants, shoppers, and local residents alike.

Boone Creek Creamery uses milk from grass-fed cows to create a line of unique cheeses that have garnered a national following. Not your ordinary run-of-the-mill cheeses, choose from varieties like Jumpin’ Jack Java, a Dutch style cheese infused with coffee, a mesquite-smoked Gruyere, or their Blackberry Serenade, a Gruyere infused with blackberry wine. Over 20 varieties are available directly from their online store.

They also offer a Cheese of the Month Club, from which subscribers receive two different varieties each month. While you’re at their website, be sure to order some of their unique Kentucky Derby cheese. It’s a cheddar infused with bourbon! The company also sells gift baskets and cheese boards, an ideal thank you gift for someone special on your list.



Swamp Pop is the creation of John Petersen and Collin Cormier, two cousins from Lafayette, Louisiana. Collin, the owner and chef of a popular food truck, recognized the popularity of real cane sugar sodas among his lunch-time customers. Knowing the long history of sugarcane farming in Louisiana, the cousins were inspired to create their own flavors, honoring the amazing culinary history of South Louisiana and featuring real cane sugar from their home state.

The name Swamp Pop emerged as a tribute to the Louisiana music genre of the same name, a mash-up of R&B, country, and Cajun music that grew out of South Louisiana in the 1950s. There are six flavors from which to choose: File (Fee-lay) Root Beer, Ponchatoula Pop Rouge, Noble Cane Cola, Satsuma Fizz, Praline Cream Soda, and Jean Lafitte Ginger Ale.



beautiful-overlook-of-oceanThere are so many great products that come from Maine, but none have the delicious flavors that Stonewall Kitchen does. Beginning with a desire to duplicate his grandmother’s blueberry pie in a jam, Jim Stott came up with the Maine Wild Blueberry Jam, which was the first flavor of Stonewall Kitchen twenty-five years ago.

Growing from a twelve burner stove to a global operation, the company welcomes over 500,000 tourists every year to tour their headquarters. Expanding into cooking classes and event space, Jim Stott and Jonathan King have kept their business in Maine, with no plans to change the tradition.



Angelina’s of Maryland uses 100% domestic U.S. blue crab in all their products, and it is one of the only companies offering all USA-sourced crab. They source as much as possible from local Maryland suppliers, averaging more than 75%, but also purchase from other states. You get what you pay for; you can taste the difference when you try Angelina’s jumbo lump USA-sourced crab cakes.

Yes, USA-sourced crab costs more. The typical breakdown in cost per pound looks like this – $24.95 for USA-sourced, $17.95 if sourced from Mexico, and $13.95 if sourced from China. If you are buying imported crab meat or products made with imported crab meat, in most cases it means you’re getting an entirely different species than the Atlantic blue crab. Also, any imported crab is packed with a chemical preservative necessary for overseas transport. You can read more about the advantages of buying domestic here.



No company has a longer, richer history than Zildjian. World renown for their cymbals, they began the secret process of making these instruments back in 1623! From sultans to composers, from royalty to rock n’ rollers, they have been the world’s leading manufacturer of cymbals for almost 400 years now.

They moved the business from Armenia to Bucharest at the turn of the 20th century, and then to America in 1929—specifically, Quincy, Massachusetts. They set up shop just in time for the big jazz craze, which helped them build even more factories.




“Jiffy” Mix began in 1930 when Mabel White Holmes of the Chelsea Milling Company introduced the first prepared baking mix to the homemakers of the world. All these years later, we’re still grateful. Now led by Mabel’s grandson, the folks at Chelsea Milling Company still make those iconic mixes in the little blue boxes, all in their Chelsea mill. Expanding from the initial mix, they now offer cake mixes, frosting mixes, muffin mixes, and more, sold in grocery stores all over the country.



Can you imagine the world without Scotch tape? We really can’t, actually, so it’s lucky that Scotch Magic Tape is exclusively made in Hutchinson, Minnesota by Minnesota company 3M. 3M is the same company that makes Post-it notes. Essentially, Minnesota has been making life easier for Americans since 1902!



There’s a reason why sweet tea is affectionately called “The House Wine of the South” because it’s good! And now a company in The Magnolia State has bottled this beloved tea style in three different varieties so you can enjoy sweet tea on the go. The company is called Dixie Tea, and they use pure cane sugar in their recipe—a real taste of Mississippi!


It’s available in Green, Lemon, and Sweet Southern styles, and you can order any of them in 3 packs, 6 packs, or 12 packs, directly at their online store. You’ll also want to know that Dixie Teas contain no fat, no sodium, and are low in carbs. Dixie Tea’s distribution is expanding all across the state and surrounding states as well. If you live in the area, check their “Locations” tab to see where you can quench your thirst in person!



Long known for their sporting goods, Rawlings also offers a wide range of leather goods made right in Saint Genevieve. Using only American leather, they hand-create wallets, duffle bags, suitcases, and briefcases. They are currently featuring a limited edition, numbered series of wallets and bags available online or at Lord and Taylor.



raw-uncut-and-rough-sapphire-gemstoneThe sapphire is one of two official Montana state gemstones, and, in fact, one of the mountain ranges in The Treasure State is the Sapphire Mountains. It’s probably no surprise, then, that an actual sapphire mine exists in the state, but, unlike many other mining operations, the Gem Mountain Sapphire Mine is open to the public.

The mine is located about halfway between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, not far from the historic town of Philipsburg. This quaint town of fewer than 1,000 residents is where you’ll find the oldest continually operating theater in the state, The Opera House Theatre. Philipsburg is also the home of the Gem Mountain retail store, which offers sapphire jewelry, gemstones, and other unique gifts.

Sapphires have been mined in this area since the 1890s. Visitors to the mine, which is open seasonally, can mine for these gems and keep what they uncover. Gravel buckets taken from the mountains are sold and shipped by their retail store. You can also do some sapphire mining at home! The buckets are guaranteed to contain certain amounts of the gems—check their site for specific details.



When you are from the Midwest, you have probably always felt the best meat comes from this part of the country. One of the best producers in the country is Nebraska Star Beef, located in Holdrege. The company produces USDA Choice (and better) Natural Angus and American Kobe-style beef in a variety of cuts and packages.

For starters, their ribeyes and filets are nothing short of outstanding, and they stand by everything they sell. If you’re looking for an exceptional holiday gift, consider one of the Nebraska Star Beef special packages. Among them are their Premium Ribeye Package, the Natural Angus Steak Sampler, and the Ultimate Chili Package.

If someone on your list enjoys grilling (or eating!) and appreciates top-quality Midwestern beef, you won’t go wrong with any of the packs you’ll find at their website.



The Black Rock Desert is located in the northwest part of the state, northeast of the town of Gerlach. In this area, mineral-rich hot springs have long drawn explorers and travelers, who rejuvenated themselves with the healing waters and rich mud baths. An innovative small firm is also in Gerlach, called the Black Rock Mud Company, which harvests the mud in small batches for use in skin care products.

The most prominent of these products is known as MudPot, which harkens to the age-old tradition of using natural clay to revitalize the skin. The clay from this area is brimming with calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium—minerals known to clean, preserve, and energize your skin. The mud bubbles to the earth’s surface much like mini volcanoes. It is harvested in limited quantities each year, so availability is limited to the season’s specific harvest.



New Hampshire

Ask any long-time Northeasterner about their favorite local beverages, and the name Moxie is sure to come up. An iconic New England favorite since the mid-1880s, Moxie is a distinctly flavored carbonated soda that has been closely associated with Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, where it’s produced in Bedford, NH. With a flavor all its own, Moxie has been described as invigorating and vibrant—not a cola, not a ginger ale, but a drink with an instantly recognizable taste.

Available in the original flavor, as well as diet and energy drink recipes, Moxie is commonly found throughout the New England states, as well as online at their website. You can order in 12-pack quantities, and there are cool Moxie hats and t-shirts available as well.


New Jersey

Absolute Green products include cleaners, air fresheners, DEET-free bug repellent, and more. All Absolute Green products are all 100% all natural and safe for pets and people. They contain no synthetic chemicals, no dyes, and are GMO-free and sulfate-free. Oh, and they are vegan and cruelty-free, too.


Absolute Green has taken the guessing out of “what cleans what” and eliminated the danger of using multiple toxic products that could create adverse chemical reactions when mixed together, Get rid of those harsh cleaners and aerosols in your home and replace them with their non-toxic, effective, and great-smelling products. Not only do their products provide a great alternative for those who are chemically sensitive or can’t tolerate synthetic fragrances but purchasing them helps the local economy.


New Mexico

Comfort Foods is an Albuquerque-based company, a division of Copperleaf Kitchen, and it has been around since 1989. Well-known for their spices and seasonings, the company also creates a line of dip mixes, salsas, sauces, soups, stews, and more.

If you are traveling in New Mexico and the southwest, look for their Chipotle Honey Mustard Rub. Ideal on chicken and pork, it has a slightly spicy flavor with the subtle taste of mustard. Try rubbing it on the meat and let it sit covered in the refrigerator for a few hours to let the rub soak in. With pork cuts, in particular, use a sharp knife to score the meat to allow the rub to penetrate.

Comfort Foods makes over a dozen spice mixes and offers a number of flavorful dip mixes as well.


New York is a business born from the ashes of 9/11. With a patriotic heart, the company was created to manufacture high-quality, American-made flags, made by Americans in America. With customers such as all the armed forces branches, academic institutions, police, fire, and many more, they have a proven track record for quality and great service. You can find almost any type of flag, from sports teams to Old Glory, armed forces to holiday flags. Purchasing their products directly supports the American way of life and your fellow Americans.


North Carolina

After an auspicious beginning, Mt Olive Pickle Company became a leader in the pickle industry. Shikrey Baddour, a Lebanese immigrant, had a great idea of using cucumber crop surpluses for brining and selling to other pickling farms. While his initial idea was unsuccessful, the community banded together and raised enough capital for Baddour and his partner George Moore to begin their own pickling and packaging company.

Mt. Olive Pickles have been noted for their excellence in controlled fermentation, which changed the industry. As a company, they were one of the first to offer employee profit sharing and create an Employee Community Fund. With all their efforts in giving back to the community, this operation truly holds the American spirit with its culture.


North Dakota

Have you ever read the ingredients list on a mass-produced dog treats package? It is impossible to pronounce most of the preservatives and additives that are packed into the snacks you feed your beloved pup. Well, Farmer Tillie’s is all natural, made from ingredients you will find in your fridge and pantry, not to mention, dog tested and approved!

Farmer Tillie’s makes their own flour on site, uses eggs from the chickens right there on the property, and produces treats safe for people consumption, too. Dog Pretzels, Pumpkin Kisses, and Oatmeal and Honey are all flavors wildly loved by her 4-legged clients. This is a true family business that began out of Tillie’s kitchen, which she grew into a profitable way of life to feed her son and husband.



columbus-pinned-on-a-map-of-usaJ.W. Longaberger loved the art of making baskets and worked for the Dresden Basket Factory as a young man with a growing family. His fifth child, Dave Longaberger, had an entrepreneurial spirit and decided to open J.W’s Handwoven Baskets (named after his late father) in 1976, Dresden, Ohio. He had a small factory and big dreams of expanding, so he set out to sell these beautiful baskets to major department stores.

He did have some success, but he found the most sales were coming from home shows where a company representative could educate a small audience on the history and superior craftsmanship of the products. Today, the factory is based in Newark, Ohio, and the company still remains a premier maker of baskets as well as other home and lifestyle goods.



Round House is a manufacturing company that began production in 1903 in Shawnee, Oklahoma. To this day, they stand by their motto: “Tough. Affordable. Made in the USA.” They are the largest American manufacturer of jeans solely made in the U.S., with over 2,000 retailers from coast to coast and shipping to China. Their products speak for themselves, spanning successfully over 113 years, and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Lambert wearing their products. Fine fabrics, reasonable prices, and a quick turnaround time make this company a huge success.



There is a new subculture emerging in Oregon, and it is as healthy for the environment as it is for humanity. Biking is quickly taking the place of vehicles as the preferred mode of transportation. It is cheaper, healthier, and more convenient. To meet the need, new bike companies have been popping up all over Oregon, just like Metrofiet. Since 2007, this Portland-based manufacturing company has been making cargo bikes that are stylish and practical. Whether you are carting the kids or groceries, these cargo bikes have ample space for you.



Standing the test of time, Zippo became a reality because George Blaisdell watched a friend light a cigarette with a cumbersome Austrian lighter. It was windproof, yet awkward, and it required two hands. Blaisdell designed his own windproof lighter, and it debuted in 1933. This original lighter is still on display at the Zippo/Case Museum in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Over 80 years have passed, and Zippo is still going strong with no plans to leave their Bradford home.



Rhode Island

North Light Fibers is based on an island off Rhode Island, and it is a company dedicated to high-quality, hand-crafted garments and other fabric-ware from exotic animals, which is minimally processed. The yarn mill is right in the middle of the farm owned by Justin Abrams and his family.

Boasting all kinds of animals, including alpacas, camels, llamas, Scottish highland bulls, kangaroos, emus, yaks, sheep, goats, zeedonk, and all the other beautiful animals, they use all the fiber from the island possible. The other wool they get domestically includes merino wool, yak, and other specialty fibers. This is an awesome company with roots that go deep and far out from Block Island, Rhode Island.


South Carolina

pug-laying-in-dog-bedSnoozer, a company “For dog people. By dog people” is based out of Greenville, S.C., and it began manufacturing pet items in 1985. The mission of the company is to provide the finest dog beds, car seats, sofas and other accessories at affordable prices.

Their dog beds are made with a dog’s life in mind, as well as your wallet, because they are made to last. Washable material used with an excellent filling which also contains naturally scented cedar, it offers a cozy place for your pup or senior to curl up and rest their head. Their beds are very affordable and come in all sizes, shapes, and styles—something for every dog.


South Dakota

Known for the famous annual motorcycle rally, Sturgis is also known for beef jerky. Sturgis Jerky is a true American success story, beginning in 1964, when they first sold to local townspeople, and then branched out to local retailers and bars. Soon the demand grew to statewide, and then nationwide. They became certified organic in 2006, using only 100% beef top round and the highest-quality spices to create this all-American jerky.


Nothing says Tennessee like moonshine, but what about moonshine cookies? Three college friends came up with Moonshine Mountain Cookies, which were initially made as a Halloween promotion for their pizza shop. With an enthusiastic response from locals, more and more requests came in, which made the trio form the Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company. These fantastic cookies have the best names, like Happy Pappy and Rocky Top. They can be found all around Tennessee, but you can easily purchase them on their website and have them shipped anywhere!



When you are out traveling, it is always great to uncover cool, local, tasty treats. Texas is known for many things, one of which is hot sauce. Tascosa Hot Sauce was the product of Melody Branum’s refining of a family recipe. The sauce came out of a small tortilla factory in Amarillo, Texas that has been in business since 1957. So, pick up your bottle today, and ‘Tascosa your taste buds!”




Manufactured in the U.S. in small batches, Mabo Kids Apparel is dedicated to providing clothes designed for comfort and play with simple designs. They use quality natural fabrics like cotton and linen for summer and soft wools for winter. The designs are contemporary and playful—perfect for the little ones in your life.



Recently appearing on the TV show Shark Tank, Vermont Butcher Block is made right in Williston, Vermont from local Green Mountain State wood. Everything from cutting boards to wooden bowl sets, these handmade items are quite the conversation pieces. David Glickman began Vermont Butcher Block in 2003 and expanded to a retail store in 2011. They do not use stains or paints on their wood—only clear finishes and treatments. The wood is the art, and the all-natural methods truly showcase these American pieces.



mushroomsFor a unique and creative American small business, this Virginia operation certainly qualifies. They’re North Cove Mushrooms, based out of Madison County about an hour from Charlottesville and two hours from Washington, D.C.

As the name states, the company’s business is mushrooms and related products. Their business philosophy is based on environmental sustainability and the health benefits of mushrooms. Their crop is grown and tended to via natural methods, and no harmful chemicals are used. Shitakes, oyster, and lion’s mane mushrooms are grown in greenhouses to ensure year-round freshness. In addition to their on-site activities, the business offers an Etsy shop where a unique array of products is available for shipping.



Creators of quite possibly the healthiest crackers available on the market, Washington’s Simple and Crisp is creating quite a name for themselves with their dried fruit crackers. Delicious with cheese, dips, and by themselves, these fruit crackers are made from real dried fruit, sliced, then delicately dried. These crackers offer the very best of nature in every bite.

You can get them in four different varieties: Apple, Blood Orange, Pear, and Orange. Visit the Simple and Crisp website to see the variety packs, and try all four flavors! You can find them locally at area specialty food markets, or, of course, online.


West Virginia

Milton, W.V. is a town of about 2,500 in the central west section of the state. The town is best known for their annual Pumpkin Festival and as the home of legendary Blenko Glass, an American institution since 1893. The company produces a wide range of glass products for decorative and functional use, as well as architectural projects.

Their homeware pieces are routinely prized as beloved family heirlooms and are treasured by collectors worldwide. Holiday and birthstone ornaments, bowls, decanters, vases, pitchers, and everyday glassware are just a few of the items you’ll find at their online store. Be sure to check out their special edition items and newly released products




If you’re looking for a Wisconsin-made gift, the good folks at Wisconsin Made make it easy for you. They’re a one-stop shopping portal for all the goods and goodies the state is known for, including cheese, specialty sausage, ice cream, sports gear, art, gourmet food, and much more. Nothing says Wisconsin like cheese!

Specializing in gift packages and special occasion gifts, Wisconsin Made is, bar none, the best example of a state-specific gift business in the country. If only every state offered something similar. No matter what type of Badger State themed gift you might want, they have it ready for you. Check out their gift suggestions for special occasions. You’ll find anniversary gifts, graduation suggestions, traditional holiday gifts, and even sympathy gift ideas.



Sheepherding and wool production go back a long way in Wyoming, and, despite the loss and closure of many mills over the past few decades, there is a local company that is keeping the tradition alive. They’re Mountain Meadow Wool, a full-service mill opened in 2007 by co-owners Karen Hostetler and Valerie Spanos.

The company produces a range of locally harvested 100% wool products, like blankets, hoodies, clothing, eco-friendly home goods, and more. All of these products are durable, renewable, and hypoallergenic. Wool is cool in warm weather and warm in cooler weather and, best of all, no animals are harmed in the production process—the sheep are merely “given a haircut” once a year.

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